Mystique Flameless Taper Candle 8" Ivory


The Mystique Flame-less Candles give you all the beauty and ambiance of a traditional candle without the risk of fire or the mess of dripping wax. The Mystique candles are made from real paraffin wax and feature a soft ambient glow with a unique flame that flickers and dances just like a real candle. The patented 'Real Flame' appears identical to a lit candle combining electromagnets and glowing LEDs to simulate a flicker that is indistinguishable from the open flame of a traditional candle. A built-in smart timer allows the candles to turn on for five hours and off for nineteen hours, every day at the same time. Just set it once and your candle will automatically turn on and provide ambiance before you even walk through the door. Mystique Flame-less candles not only look just like a real candle but are safe to use around children and pets or where open flame candles cannot go-in floral arrangements, near curtains, on shelving and more. and because you can use them over and over again, they are more cost effective than a traditional candle. All candles run on two AA batteries which are not included. 


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