Lunch Mail

Compendium, Inc.

Encourage and inspire children to grow into healthy, confident, and considerate adults with Lunch Mail. This unique series goes beyond simple praise, offering meaningful statements and questions to help kids learn to value themselves, walk confidently in the face of challenges, and grow in resilience. Whether you read the cards together or tuck into their lunchbox or backpack, these illustrated pop-open cards help inspire kids to become their best.

Superheroes - Tough tacos, flying corndogs, and other super-fighting foods illustrate this set that features encouraging messages such as "Think about a good think you've done today. How does it feel?"

Girls - Stars, hearts, rainbows, rocker girls and pandas bedeck a colorful, illustrated set of 24 cards perfectly sized for slipping into lunchboxes or backpacks. Printed with encouraging and inspiring messages like "Say something good to yourself today. You're worth it!" and "Listen to others and tell them what you like about their ideas," these playful notes aim to help kids grow into healthy, confident and considerate adults.

Bag: 4.5”H x 2.75”W x 1.5”D
Individual cards: 2.25”H x 2.25”W
Each bag includes 6 each of 4 different designs with 24 different messages.


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