Evergreen Organica Starter Set (Wick & Fuel)


Get your firepots ready for the coming spring outdoor evenings and then the long, hot summer! Find out the safe and easy way to enjoy your firepots! This kit includes one of the Organica media biscuit wicks required for using the Organica BioFire Fuel, and a 16 ounce bottles of Organica BioFire Fuel, an environmentally friendly, user safe fuel for firepots and fireplaces. It's safe because it will not burn without the presence of the "media" conversion kit (sold separately). Simply insert the media wick into the stainless steel cup, then pour Organica fuel into the media, and allow it to be absorbed (don't overfill). Light the media wick with a grill or fireplace starter. The Organica flame burns with hues of blue, orange and yellow, and in a 2-1/2 inch cup will butn about 1.5 hours. As with ANY fuel, please read instructions for use fully before starting.


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